Festival Insurance Checklist

Festival Insurance Checklist

Top 5 Tips - Festival Insurance Checklist

  1. Are you hiring out any additional kit? If so, who is responsible for insuring it? The hiring company may offer you insurance - but are the rates competitive? We can arrange a like-for-like comparison if needed.
  2. Are you using a venue – have you checked the limits of indemnity to make sure your current arrangements are adequate?
  3. Do you have the right Public Liability Limit of Indemnity in place?
  4. Is your revenue stream protected if your site or venue is damaged?
  5. Have you thought about Cancellation Insurance for your event? Please make sure you arrange this in plenty of time - at least 14 days before the event. 

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Red Lips

“Such a fantastic event, such eclectic art and such an elegant gathering of minds. I think I speak for all when I say we were all truly enriched in more ways than one.”

Roya A


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