Press Release

Press Release

Date: May 2012

93 Days to the October Pension Changes

La Playa Financial Management urges companies to review existing pension plans as new legislation comes into force this October 2012.

Are you ready for October’s pension changes?

If your pension scheme is already shipshape and inline with new legislation, you’ve good reason to sit back and make a cup of tea. If you’re still fretting, however, you can still make that cuppa - just make sure you call us first!  

The Government’s new pension laws come into force in October 2012, and will significantly impact every employer in the UK – even those with a single employee.  In a nutshell, as an employer you must*...

  1. Automatically enrol eligible employees and workers into a pension scheme
  2. Pay pension contributions for any employees who join and stay in the scheme
  3. Review any existing workplace pension scheme - you may need to make changes to comply with new legislation

If you’re wondering, How much will I have to pay?  Are my existing arrangements acceptable?  How does this affect my freelance and contract workers?  What is “auto-enrolment”?   Then get in touch!

How we can help?  At La Playa Financial Management we understand your organisation; we can help lessen the pain by...

  • Reviewing your existing pension scheme to comply with the new laws
  • Helping you offset the financial impact of these new laws on your organisation through smart approaches such as salary exchange
  • Helping you put a scheme in place, if you don’t have one!

What happens next?  It’s up to you:

  • You can wait until the last minute and let someone else, who may not understand your business, set up and run a pension scheme for your employees, OR
  • You can set up your own scheme and retain complete control over your benefits package

These changes are literally “around the corner” – don’t leave it too late.  Contact us now to arrange a free initial meeting, my direct line is 01223 200655.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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