Pensions and Retirement Planning

Pensions and Retirement Planning

How much do you spend during a week’s holiday? Imagine the cost if you had 52 weeks holiday every year! What sort of lifestyle do you envisage after retirement?

Great changes lie ahead in the world of pensions and this affects your retirement planning. The government is committed to individuals making private pension provisions and not relying on the state (see our article on the 2012 Pension Changes).  How will this affect you?

La Playa can advise on both personal and company pension schemes and make recommendations as to which insurance companies and funds are most appropriate to suit your circumstances. We can also help with the various choices you have to make when you come to take your pension.  

  • When do you your retirement to start?
  • How much will you need?
  • What part will state benefits, tax and inflation factors play?
  • Do you have other assets to leverage?
  • Can you plan around health issues?

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