Fine Arts Knowledge Bank

Fine Arts Knowledge Bank

THE ART DETECTIVES: Shining a light on the dark corners of the art market

Regulation of the art market: interview with due diligence specialists Christopher Marinello (of Art Recovery International Ltd.) and Kirk Kashefi regulatory law barrister).
THE_ART_DETECTIVES_-_Shining_a_light_on_the_dark_corners_of_the_art_market.pdf PDF Document

Deliver what your competitors don't. Expert relationships

Helping your clients connect with the right insurance advice is a great way to add value to your existing relationship.
Professionals_Brochure_Expert_Relationships.pdf PDF Document

The La Playa Culture

Beach Life. At La Playa we feel our culture is really important to us. It sets us apart from other workplaces.
La_Playa_company_culture.pdf PDF Document

Art on Board

How to protect art on board your yacht
Art_on_Board_v2[1].pdf PDF Document

Mission Statement

La Playa's mission statement. Find out what makes us tic.
Mission_Statement_2017.pdf PDF Document

Review of Masterpiece Art Fair

La Playa's Head of Fine Art, Jane Byde, reviews Masterpiece Art Fair 2017. Originally published in Family Office Magazine Art & Museum supplement Summer 2017.
Jane_Byde_review_Masterpiece_Art_Fair_-_Family_Office_Magazine_Art_&_Museum_supplement_Summer_2017.pdf PDF Document

La Playa Fine Art Insurance - Info for Art Collectors

La Playa Fine Art Insurance - Info for Art Collectors
La_Playa_Fine_Art_postcard_2017_V6.pdf PDF Document

La Playa Fine Art Insurance - Business Insurance for Fine Art

La Playa Fine Art Insurance - Business Insurance for Fine Art
La_Playa_Fine_Art_postcard_2017_V6.pdf PDF Document

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