Zedra Private Aviation FAQs

Zedra Private Aviation FAQs

Q: How do I know the amounts I need to insure? 

A: Hull Insurance can be placed on either an Agreed Value or Replacement Value basis. If a placement is arranged on an Agreed Value basis then that is what is paid out - regardless of whether a replacement aircraft could be sourced at a cheaper price.

When considering an Agreed Value it is important to consider:

  1. The price you have paid
  2. The book price
  3. The value of other aircraft for sale with a similar specification 
  4. Often a contingency of up to 3% is applied

The Liability limit required will depend on where you are planning to operate the aircraft. Aircraft flying in the EU are governed by EC785, which stipulates minimum liability and insurance requirements based on Maximum Takeoff Weight and limits per passenger.


Q: The excess seems high if my aircraft is damaged?

A: It is possible to purchase a Hull Deductible policy which covers the difference between a standard Deductible and an agreed deductible (effectively a “buy down” policy to pay a lower excess).


Q: Can I buy all of these policies from one insurer? 

A: You will usually need to purchase a separate Hull Deductible policy and Hull War policy, and this can be done through the same insurer or different Insurers – your broker will work to find the most competitive options for you.


Q: I’ve had an accident – who gets paid what?

A: In the event of a Total Loss insurers will pay the Named Insured.

In the event of a Partial Loss insurers will pay the repairer.

In the event of a Liability claim, insurers will pay the injured party but defend the Named Insured.


Q: My aircraft is being leased to another firm for them to operate – how can I protect myself?


  • Ensure that you are added as an Additional Insured
  • Ensure that the aircraft is Insured for an Agreed Value or stipulated loss value
  • Ensure that the contract is subject to AVN67B which dictates that payments in respect of the aircraft must be made in accordance with the lease
  • AVN67B also stipulates rules regarding Notices of Cancellation


Q: How do “notices” work and what do I need to be aware of?

A: In the event of non-payment or material change in the information presented, insurers may issue a Notice of Cancellation of 30 days. This can be a lesser period in respect of Hull War risks, usually 7 days. The lease terms usually require that all parties are notified if this is received. Brokers can often negotiate extensions if there is a good reason for the non-payment.


Q: What are the “part NCC regulations”?

A: These came into effect for non-commercial flights in 2016 and require operators of private jets to comply with similar regulations as commercial operations. You must:

  1. Have an operations manual
  2. Employ a management system
  3. Submit to the CAA details of the aircraft type, all operational and continuing airworthiness arrangements and approvals

This can be onerous, time consuming and expensive, and there are a number of service companies who can undertake this for you.  Ask us for details.

One size doesn’t fit all in insurance: a little intelligent fine-tuning can make all the difference. Whether your driver is economic sense for the travel you do, or a passion for flying, it’s important to work with a specialist insurance adviser who understands your priorities, asks the right questions, and takes an intelligent and dynamic approach to finding the right solutions for you.

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