Press Release

Press Release

Date: October 2011 

Wysing Corporate Collective -
La Playa founds UK’s first corporate art collective


Cutting-edge insurance specialist La Playa has launched the UK’s first corporate art collective, bringing together like-minded businesses to invest in art works for their offices.  Working closely with internationally renowned Wysing Arts as curators, and co-founder members Taylor Vinters and Price Bailey, the collective will contribute to a fund on a monthly basis, building over time a collection with some value. 

The collective’s inaugural purchases include a series of record sleeves by the Cambridge based artists Jeremy Andrews and Julie Brenot.

“This is a great way to for all of us to strengthen our working relationships, to involve our staff in something creative, and to support emerging artists – not to mention being a FTSE-beating investment opportunity!” says Mark Boon, CEO of La Playa.  “We’ve partnered with forward-thinking firms with creative and entrepreneurial individuals at the helms.  Who knows, perhaps we’ll discover the next Damian Hirst!

A radical move, perhaps, for an insurance broker – but La Playa is no stranger to innovation.  An art collective sits well with La Playa’s day-to-day work in the specialist arts and entertainment sector – and many of its high net worth private clients are art-lovers and collectors.  

Individual art collectives have featured in the national press recently, but this is the first corporate art-buying group.  The buying committee will purchase work three times a year, with Wysing Arts providing guidance on selecting and exhibiting the work - whether in traditional media, digital art or animation.  The works will be displayed in offices and visitor areas, and rotated on a regular basis – with an opportunity to loan them out.  Staff will be invited to previews, to visit artist studios and to engage with the buying process. 

Artist Jeremy Andrews said “It is always a privilege when one’s work is appreciated and even more so when it is bought. I would like to thank the Wysing Collective for adding my work to their collection and for supporting a Cambridgeshire artist."

La Playa has continued to grow through the recession, and is now looking at international expansion to reflect its increasingly international client base in media, arts and technology.   Established in June 1999 as broking’s “bright young thing”, La Playa’s “Insurance with Intelligence” approach has brought a refreshing new voice to the industry, providing first class service and specialist advice in the niche areas of Media & Production, Arts & Entertainment, Science & Technology and Private Clients.

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“Thanks again for your help. La Playa is a great company to deal with, very impressed.”

Michael C, Private Client


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