Press Release

Press Release

Date: June 2012

Going Away Checklist

Preparing to ride off into the sunset for the summer?  La Playa’s Private Client Director Matthew Mullee highlights the importance of shoring up your home while it’s unoccupied.

“As more people own holiday homes abroad, 3 and 4 week breaks are not uncommon – and some people “decamp” for the whole summer.  Criminals are always on the lookout for houses that appear to be unoccupied”, says Matthew Mullee, Private Client Director.  “But there are lots of ways to reduce your chances of being burgled whilst you are away.”

  • Join Neighbourhood Watch – share the burden with your local community.
  • Use a house-sitter or ask a neighbour to call in regularly.
  • Put intermittent timer switches on lights in at least 2 bedrooms, lounge and kitchen. 
  • Tune a radio to a talk station.  Turn it up so that it can be heard from outside.
  • Get a trusted friend, relative or neighbour to come in and clear mail.  Mail piled up is a clear indication of a empty house.
  • Cancel all milk and newspaper deliveries.
  • Put car keys in the safe - but if you have a trusted relative or friend, ask them to move your car around on the driveway and get them to keep the spare key. 
  • Beware your lift to the airport - unscrupulous cab drivers are a source of intelligence for burglars!  Get a friend or relative to take you or use only a TRUSTED cab company.
  • If possible, ask someone to cut the grass.
  • Only tell trusted people you’re away.
  • Put a friend’s name on the baggage labels…but tell them.
  • Set a new alarm code for people looking after your property – don’t give them yours.
  • Put valuable items in a safe deposit.
  • Don’t broadcast dates of your holiday on social networking sites 

Just in case you DO come home to a disaster, it’s worth taking a couple of photographs of each room to help with any insurance claim you may need to make.  This will act as a mini inventory and remind you what items may be missing or damaged.  Take the camera with you, though!

Following these simple steps means your property is well protected so that you can relax and enjoy your break.

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