Press Release

Press Release

Date: January 2013

La Playa Recognised by UKTI

Boutique international insurance broker La Playa has become the first insurance adviser to join the UKTI’s UK Advisory Network.  The network was established in 2007 to provide high quality and trusted support to investors setting up in the UK, and UK companies doing business overseas, by promoting closer working between the Government and the private sector.

  • The UK is the number 1 EU recipient of foreign investment (2010)*
  • London is the best business city in the EU to locate to*
  • More overseas companies set up their European headquarters in the UK than anywhere else* The UK is one of the easiest places to set up and run a business in Europe. Setting up in the UK takes just 13 days*

*UKTI data referencing: UNCTAD, World Investment Report 2011; Cushman & Wakefield European Cities Monitor: October 2011; European Investment Monitor,; World Bank: Doing Business 2010,

The UK Advisory Network’s members are appointed by UKTI through a robust application process, and have essential knowledge and invaluable expertise for businesses expanding into new territories.  All members of the Network are appointed due to their experience, capability and their commitment to assisting Trade and Investment – including lawyers, accountants, tax, marketing, PR and other services.

La Playa has offices in London, Cambridge and New York, enabling it to provide a seamless portfolio of insurance protection for companies operating on both sides of the Atlantic.  It serves specialist niches which are high-growth sectors and frequently span international borders:

  • Media & Production
  • Science & Technology
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Fine Arts
  • Private Client

“We’re delighted to have been invited to join the UKAN”,says CEO Mark Boon.  “UKTI were very supportive of us as we expanded into the US and we’re pleased to be able to support other companies venturing into new territories.  We have first hand experience of developing business overseas - and in the sectors we work in, insurance is a crucial cornerstone that needs really specialist advice”.

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