The ABO Insurance Scheme

La Playa and the Association of British Orchestras are working in partnership to support you with specialist insurance and expert advice, pooling buying power to achieve better terms with insurers.

The ABO Insurance Scheme offers preferential rates and 10% “no claims rebate” on La Playa's Performing Arts Portfolio, a specialist policy for orchestras. Insurance can be obtained from as little as £548 including insurance premium tax.

"La Playa has an excellent understanding of the orchestral business and operates as a business partner, not just an insurance service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them, a great team"  Britten Sinfonia

We recognised that orchestras are facing spiralling insurance premiums and struggling to get the cover they need. Many are wasting money buying multiple policies that overlap and duplicate cover. As a specialist broker, our deep understanding of your work means we can design an insurance portfolio that fits like a glove, and negotiate more realistic terms with underwriters.

Working with La Playa, you'll get advice you can trust from an expert who understands you:

  • Comprehensive specialist cover: working closely with a panel of specialist insurance companies, we will structure for you a programme of insurance that achieves first class protection at highly competitive terms.
  • Expert professional advice: on managing your risk and structuring your portfolio in the most efficient and effective way.
  • Cost savings: by pooling buying power and giving an insightful presentation of performing arts exposures to insurers, we can negotiate excellent terms.
  • Joined-up thinking: working with a specialist performing arts insurance brokerage saves time on briefings, gives access to expert advice, secures better rates, and ensures your orchestra has the best possible protection.
  • Your advocate when you make a claim: we're right there beside you when it comes to crunch time.
  • You'll enjoy working with us: in a world of faceless corporations, we offer refreshingly personal service, as well as expert advice.

We also like to work with other trusted advisers (lawyers, accountants and other professionals) to make sure all the dots are connected and our clients have a great team around them.

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