Who’s the life and soul of your organisation?

Published: 03/05/2017

Who’s the life and soul of your business? If you can name them, you probably need Key Person Insurance

Does your organisation rely on certain individuals for vision and strategy – or revenue?

What if…
…something happens to your lead creative part-way through a project?
…you need to find a replacement – and fast?
…your connections and relationships are held by one key person? What would be the impact to your organisation if they were absent?

Key Person Insurance can be a life saver – and your contracts may require it. It can cost as little as £175* – see our online Guide to Key Person Insurance.

Key Person Insurance provides a cash injection to your business if a key person dies or suffers a serious illness, allowing the business to continue trading at a time of considerable uncertainty and financial pressure. It can help fund…

  1. Loss of profits suffered until a replacement is found, is in place and is fully effective.
  2. Payment for the (often substantial) costs of recruitment and training of a replacement.
  3. If absence is due to critical illness, and if a return to work is likely, payment of income to the “absent” person.
  4. Cost of a temporary replacement.

Already have protection in place? Great, but when was this last reviewed…?

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