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A-Z of insurance covers:

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Business Interruption
Insurance that protects your income streams, unforeseen expenses and bottom-line profit.  Also known as Consequential Loss.
Business Travel
Protection for your staff (and their dependents) who travel abroad on business - against lost luggage, unexpected medical bills, theft of cash or curtailment of a journey.
Protection for your products during transit on the high seas, in the air, by rail or vehicle.
Cast & Crew
Additional expenses incurred following death, injury or illness to key named members of cast or crew.
Commercial Producers Indemnity
Covers cancellation, postponement and abandonment of a film shoot.
Credit Insurance
Insurance against the risk of non-payment by customers.
Cyber liability
Insurance for those who transact business over the Internet or other networks as well as firm's having websites - protecting against allegations of negligence, defamation, IP infringement, data/privacy breach or denial of access.
Directors & Officers Liability
For company directors, there's no such thing as "limited Liability".  Making decisions on behalf of your firm puts you at personal risk of legal action for allegations of wrongful trading.  Protect yourself with a D&O policy.

Dance Portfolio
A package insurance policy designed specifically by La Playa for dance studios and schools.
Employers’ Liability
Mandatory in the UK, this is insurance that protects your organisation against liability for injury or illness suffered by employees.
Environmental Liability
Protection against your liability to pay clean-up costs and damages following a pollution incident.
Errors & Omissions
Cover against allegations of professional error, inadvertent defamation, breach of confidentiality/privacy and infringement of intellectual property rights.
Event Cancellation
Cancellation cover replaces lost revenue and reimburses expenditure incurred from an event which is unavoidably postponed, abandoned, cancelled, curtailed or relocated. 
Film Union Travel
Travel insurance for the film production sector.
Holiday Homes
Covers your holiday home for loss or damage - anywhere in the world.
Home Contents insurance
Protection for your treasured personal possessions against loss or damage.......
Intellectual Property Infringement
Insurance that defends against allegations that you have infringed a third party's rights, or meets the costs involved in defending a challenge to the validity of your IP.
Kidnap & Ransom
Your staff might be prepared for language barriers, exotic customs and diverse negotiating styles. But they cannot predict political upheaval and the danger of abduction or extortion.  Kidnap & Ransom Insurance covers the costs in the event of a kidnapping, ransom or extortion threat, and – even more important – professional assistance in a hostage situation or crisis resolution.
Legal expenses
Legal fees, compensation awards or an unexpected tax enquiry can all undermine the financial stability of your company.  Protect your bottom-line with Legal Expenses Insurance.
Loss of income
Lost production or downtime following a fire or flood can lead to financial damage - but loss of re venue and increased costs are readily insurable.  See also Business Interruption above.

Loss Recovery
Insurance that pays for your very own independent loss adjuster to represent you if you have a complex and expensive property or business interruption claim.
Motor Fleet
Do you have more than 5 vehicles?  Fleet insurance can be a cost-effective way of getting the comprehensive coverage you need.
Insurance for theft or loss or damage to cash that may be held on business premises, staff homes or taken to/from your bank.
Negative, Film & Videotape
Additional expenses incurred to due accidental loss of or damage to film negative or videotape.
Patent Enforcer
An insurance policy designed by La Playa specifically for small & medium tech firms - to help them fund legal pursuit of infringers of their registered Patents.
Performing Arts Portfolio
An insurance policy designed by La Playa specifically for arts organisations - especially music.
Performers' Portfolio
An insurance policy designed by La Playa specifically for performers. 
Personal Accident
Insurance that pays a pre-determined benefit in the event of death, accident or disability.
Public Offering of Securities Insurance - covers you for allegations of wrongdoing arising from a company floatation.
Product Liability
Protects you when a third party alleges that your products have caused them injury or damaged their property.
Insurance cover for assets - buildings, general contents, computers and stock.
Props, Set & Wardrobe
Insurance will provide world-wide cover for loss or damage to sets, wardrobe, props, sheet music, merchandise stock, CDs, brochures and programmes.
Professional Indemnity
Cover against allegations of professional error or negligence, breach of contract, inadvertent defamation or infringement of intellectual property rights.

Public Liability
Protects you when a third party alleges that your business activities have caused them injury or damaged their property.
Trustee Liability
Protects the wealth and assets of trustees when they personally face legal challenges to the decisions they've taken on behalf of the trust they act for.

Travel See "Business Travel"
Insurance that protects against loss or damage to property or goods in transit.  See also Cargo above.
Warranty & Indemnity Insurance
Protects against your liability arising from contractual warranties and other indemnities which are called into question when selling a company, or a share in a company.
Yacht insurance
From your dinghy to your cruiser, protection against theft, damage and your liabilities on the waterways.
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