Investment Management

Investment Management

Whether your priority is improving your returns or attaining financial security, we’ll help you create wealth that can provide funds for your short, medium and long-term needs.

We’ll talk through your expectations and specific investment goals, and how much risk you feel comfortable with.

La Playa Wealth can structure a portfolio of investments to fit your tax situation, your attitude to risk and your ethical stance. Then we’ll journey with you, proactively managing your investments, flexing the plan and reacting quickly to changes in the national and global economy. 

Discretionary Fund Management

Discretionary Fund Management is ideal for those looking for their funds to be managed on an “active” basis. Your money is managed by investment professionals who can make decisions on your behalf. You can select the level of risk with which you feel comfortable and whether income or growth is a higher priority, and then the investment decisions are made for you.

Investment Bonds

We’ll help you create wealth that can provide funds for your short, medium and long term needs.

Investment Bonds:

  • Are lump sum investments in similar areas to those targeted by OEICs & Unit Trusts
  • Can provide certain tax advantages and a facility to withdraw up to 5% of the initial investment as a regular “income”

OEICs and Unit Trusts

Unit trusts & OEICs (Open Ended Investment Companies) provide an alternative to investing directly into shares, as you invest collectively with other individuals into investment "funds". 

Funds can invest in UK & International equities, government & fixed interest securities and commercial property. They may also focus on specialist investment sectors such as technology or socially responsible enterprise.

Offshore Investments

Offshore investments work well for people who spend some of their time abroad, or who plan to live outside the UK and don't want their investments to be subject to UK tax rules.

They also enable UK-based investors to “defer” paying tax on some of their investments until a time of their choosing.

Offshore investments are usually based in recognised domains such as the Channel Islands, Dublin and Luxembourg. 


The Individual Savings Account (ISA) is a tax-efficient way of saving money to provide a lump sum, for whatever purpose, for the future.

You can invest in stocks and shares or cash. Talk to us to find out how they might work for you. We’ll steer you through the difficult waters of ISA rules to achieve the maximum benefit.


“With capability to simplify financial planning and yet have access to private banking, lending and provide great investment advice, I'm really pleased I picked La Playa Wealth to manage my affairs.”


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What's Covered?

Proactive advice
Clarity of vision
Real service

About La Playa Wealth

Specialist & Independent

La Playa’s intelligent approach to financial services is founded on absolute integrity, an in-depth understanding of our clients, a high calibre team of advisers and a commitment to excellence in service.

Investing with Intelligence

  • Proactive advice: tapping into the intellectual capital of an experienced Wealth Manager - your financial ‘life coach’
  • Clarity of vision: with cashflow modelling to show how and when you will reach your objectives
  • Real service: a regular, rigorous review of your plan - not just ‘service by mail’; and quarterly market insights and commentary
  • Real commitment: a long-term, personal relationship with face to face meetings - spending time with you to really understand your priorities

Together with our sister company La Playa Ltd, we offer a joined-up approach, with insurance and other financial services all under one roof. 

Get in touch - our initial consultation is free, and it could be the best move you make this year.

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