Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

As a business owner you may often be faced with a dilemma: you're planning on upscaling, and have successfully raised the capital, but most of it won't be needed for the next several months or few years. What do you do with that money in the meantime?

That's where we can help. We can offer independent financial advice from a chartered Wealth Manager who will empower you to make your money go further. 

We can advise you on investment options, tax planning, cash management, and more. Talk to us today. 


“I am so grateful for all the help you've given me over the last year and a half, I know I asked a lot of questions! You've been simply marvelous.”

Elizabeth, La Playa Wealth Client


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You can call us to talk more about your business on +44 (0)1223 200650 or +44 (0)20 3865 0149

What's Covered?

Proactive advice
Clarity of vision
Real service

About La Playa Wealth

Specialist & Independent

La Playa’s intelligent approach to financial services is founded on absolute integrity, an in-depth understanding of our clients, a high calibre team of advisers and a commitment to excellence in service.

Investing with Intelligence

  • Proactive advice: tapping into the intellectual capital of an experienced Wealth Manager - your financial ‘life coach’
  • Clarity of vision: with cashflow modelling to show how and when you will reach your objectives
  • Real service: a regular, rigorous review of your plan - not just ‘service by mail’; and quarterly market insights and commentary
  • Real commitment: a long-term, personal relationship with face to face meetings - spending time with you to really understand your priorities

Together with our sister company La Playa Ltd, we offer a joined-up approach, with insurance and other financial services all under one roof. 

Get in touch - our initial consultation is free, and it could be the best move you make this year.

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