Family Protection

Family Protection

It's important to think through the "What If" questions. What would happen to your family if you were injured or critically ill, or if you died? We'll help you work up a plan for:

  • Protecting your dependants: how much money would they need available if something happened to you? Will your existing arrangements work? Do you need to adjust your will and estate planning?
  • Dealing with your liabilities: your mortgages, loans and credit cards. What effect will these have on your surviving family?
  • Protecting your income: how much money would you need to provide a cushion fund if you were too ill to work? What benefits would you be entitled to? For how long? What’s your attitude to risk? 

Your family protection plan can provide a lump sum (or income) to replace any lost income due to death. It might include:

We'll guide you in making the right choices so that your loved ones have some security if anything happens to you.

Life Assurance

Life assurance is a key cornerstone of any financial plan, giving you peace of mind that your dependents have some financial security on your death.  

Critical Illness

Critical Illness cover is designed to pay a lump sum on diagnosis of a critical illness such as cancer. It can be used to replace lost income, or to pay for medical fees/treatments. Critical illness cover allows you to focus on getting better without worrying about money.

Being diagnosed with a critical illness will most often come out of the blue - and will probably have a big impact on both your family and your finances.

By having critical illness insurance cover could provide financial protection if you're diagnosed with an illness covered by the policy. It could help you pay for any specialist medical bills and care you require while you're ill, and/or help you compensate for any loss of income that may result from you not being able to work.

During an already difficult time, critical illness cover could take a huge weight off your shoulders and make a real difference to your final time with your family.

Income Protection

What would happen if you became too ill to work? How would you survive financially?

Having income protection means that your income is replaced if you're unable to work due to long-term incapacity. Income protection supplements any employer arrangements, which will not usually continue over along period of absence. State benefits may be available but are very limited.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection can help if you get into disarray with your mortgage repayments.

Mortgage Protection will provide a lump sum to repay any contractual liabilities including a mortgage. Usually the cover will only last for the outstanding mortgage or loan term. This is a relatively simple & cost effective protection plan.

Private Medical Insurance

What does it do?
If you get ill, private medical insurance can pay for certain medical consultations, treatment and surgery, so that you don’t need to rely on the NHS. As well as providing a safety net and peace of mind, it can also give you more choice as to where you’re seen and by whom; clean, modern hospitals; private rooms; and access to advanced cancer drugs that aren’t universally available through the NHS.

Let’s talk through your personal requirements, motivations and budget to find the right ‘fit’ for you. Our independent status means we can analyse the whole market place to source the most appropriate and cost-effective solution, and help you reach an informed decision that’s right for you and yours.

Our policies can protect individuals, families and businesses, both in the UK and abroad. Private medical insurance is quite a complex product – it’s best to get specialist advice. Talk to us about how this might work for you – and let’s keep talking as your needs change.

3 Tips on Buying Private Medical Insurance

  1. Avoid comparison websites. Insurers will offer independent advisers their best rates so there is nothing to gain by cutting out the middle man. Benefit from our experience in the field and avoid a costly mistake.
  2. Don’t fall for high no-claims discounts. These can indicate an inflated base premium - and when you need to claim we want you to claim!
  3. Familiarise yourself with the product’s main benefits and exclusions, and how the insurer will deal with any pre-existing conditions. Make yourself a cup of tea and take a few minutes to have a read through…

If you’re new to private medical insurance, start by reading the Association of British Insurers' guide Are You Buying Private Medical Insurance?

Long Term Care Insurance

When you're diagnosed with a severe and debilitating disease it can be very daunting and stressful. Long Term Care insurance will provide assistance to those suffering, usually of chronic and incurable conditions. Unfortunately the NHS are unable to cover all the costs associated with such conditions so the need for this benefit is very real and relied upon heavily.


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