Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

We strive to do business in a more enlightened way, taking responsibility for the impact of our business on society and the environment.  We’re trying to do the right thing when it comes to…

Local Community
Our people have skills and energy that can make a real difference to the communities we’re based in. By working alongside local charities, schools and not-for-profit groups, we’re able to focus our efforts and resources for the greatest impact.  Our “My Big Idea” inventing competition for local schools has funded new IT equipment for several primary schools.  We've also pioneered the UK's first corporate art collective, working with Wysing Arts to support emerging artists. And we're working on a community volunteering scheme for our staff.

Global Community
We try to use fairly traded products in our office kitchens.   We support a range of charities through our feedback forms system, Christmas email, and donations for group and individual fundraising events.  Through our online community, we've partnered with Malaria No More UK to send life-protecting mosquito nets to Africa.  Many of our staff across the firm are also enthusiastic fundraisers.

La Playa’s direct environmental impact comes mainly from our use of energy and the emissions and waste we generate at our premises.  Insurance has traditionally been a very paper-reliant industry, but we’ve taken significant steps to improve our environmental performance:

We work in a new and efficient building with effective insulation, and we strive to be a paperless office – using electronic storage and communications:

  • Insurer documents, policy documents and invoices are all in electronic format
  • Most marketing materials are now in electronic format
  • We reuse and recycle paper, printer cartridges, mobile phones and other consumables
  • We offer the tax free cycle to work scheme, providing bike racks and showers for cyclists (and lunchtime runners!)
  • Several staff work regularly from home, minimising carbon emissions
  • We encourage use of public transport for meetings
  • We use online facilities for meetings where possible, minimising the need for travel
  • Our office cleaning products are bio-degradable wherever possible  

We aim to employ the best people in the business. Their talent and dedication are what make our growing business so successful. We offer a competitive reward package and a supportive environment in which they can enjoy their work and reach their full potential. That involves recognising that employees have lives outside work, and giving them opportunities to work flexibly where possible.   We provide fresh fruit and subsidised gym membership for employees.

We support Cleantech business clients with risk management and insurance programmes for their innovations in environmental custodianship, and promote ethical and green investment for our financial management clients.

 Equal opportunities

  • We recruit and promote people only on merit, regardless of race, gender, religion, marital status, sexuality, disability or age.
  • Rewards and benefits
  • We reward excellent performance with an excellent reward package consisting of salary, bonus and benefits.

Training and development
Employing the best people requires a commitment by the company to giving them every opportunity to fulfill their potential through learning and development. Each individual’s training needs are reviewed twice a year along with performance against clearly set objectives.

Communication and participation
For employees to do their best, they must understand the business and their role in it. For this, communication is essential. We try to keep employees up to date with the business through formal briefings and team meetings as well as more informal means. Managers take these opportunities to listen to employees and involve them in the development of the business. We also have regular social events including barbecues and a picnic for employees’ families.

It’s the culture at La Playa that sets us apart.  We value quality, integrity, excellence, respect and fun.  We believe if people enjoy what they do, they will do it well.  And vice versa.  One of the philosophies behind the company name (La Playa = “the beach” in Spanish) is “Life’s a Beach”.  

In the way we deal with clients, we are committed to professional integrity, treating customers fairly, and maintaining true independence to achieve the best possible result for our clients. 

Corporate governance
We try to maintain a balance between maintaining high standards of governance and compliance with FCA regulation, and a degree of innovation, responsiveness and fleetness of foot. 

Red Lips

“La Playa offers a professional, personal and individual service.”

Godfrey L, Private Client


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